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Valentina Delfino is an up-and-coming Venezuelan designer based in Miami.
She studied Business Administration in Northeastern University; and recently
graduated from Fashion Design at Miami International University of Art and Design.

One of Valentina’s passions is to travel. This is where she finds most of her inspirations.
She likes to absorb and merge in the mix of cultures, colors, textures, patterns, and materials. When it comes to design, Valentina likes to create pieces that are beautifully to the eye and some that are Eco-friendly. She likes to play with asymmetry, and mix laces with organic leathers and fringes.  You will find that her aesthetics are a fusion of simplicity and a clash of rich compositions, a mix of the old and new, sensual and glamorous.

During her years in fashion school, she received numerous awards and recognitions.
Throughout this time, she presented her pieces at different fashion shows in Miami.
Valentina won the international competition Red Carpet Green Dress, and had one of her
designs at the Oscars 2012 Academy Awards.

‘The Artist’ actress Missi Pyle walked the red carpet in an eco-friendly dress. In 2011, she was
nominated to participate in Peroni/Fashion Group’s competition “Best Young Designer”.
Furthermore, one of her pieces inspired by Guayaberas was awarded and later showcased in
Cubavera-Perry Ellis Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show.

In 2013 she completed an internship at Fashion House Oscar de la Renta, and graduated with
honors from her Fashion School. She is currently pursuing her own line and in the process of
completing her new collection.